With love


With Love From an Onlooker

My heart is bursting like a bayonet and there are no

Clean shots, no contenders. They tell me they hope

That I am happy though it is hard.

I exist in an in between, walking on the borderline.

My toes sink beneath the finish line and my hands tell me where to go.

I  am smiling in the mirror though my mouth does

Not move and oh, should I go out tonight?

When you walk to the bar, don’t let go of my hand

(Though you never intended to). I am stupidly in love

And I cannot recall if this is the beginning of the beginning of the beginning

Or the end. Maybe I am still choking in a dog

Collar and everyone has gone in for lunch. I am

After myself with an axe. I look

Above the dinner table and think “why not me?” Everyone

Is laughing loving each other hugging eating strawberries

Eating cream I think

Why not me why doesn’t anyone

Stop me from continuing

Elizabeth Hsieh