With love


Sex drugs rock and roll and the inexcusable I

You are always ready to tell me your life’s

Particular shade of blue. Though alternative

Interrogation techniques tell us otherwise, when

We were, when we really were,

They never looked as light beside the scar you got

As a kid from the hydrangeas (they screamed too from touching

you) and the solemnity you

Derived from running away from the tom-tom you beat

Down through your mouth so you could not hear anything

outside of you.

Mine never looked like a clear day in Santa Cruz

Or as deep as a boat without a rudder

But looked like an infectious bubble of madness

and a tower I built from mine and everyone else’s skin

I never know if my words are songs or poems

Or if they are permanent or learned. You always told me

To meditate and breathe to solve those magnificent and

Precious sad feelings

To that I can finally say, you’re full of shit because

Did your blue ever change?

Elizabeth Hsieh