With love


Over Dim Sum

Family reunion as a metaphor for

taking your clothes off midday

in the middle of a supermarket on a Sunday morning

before the service.

Oh, the tense present. 


Your ‘ness’ to my blueness

gifting me red side eyes—

a Chinese New Year envelope without the gold 

across the baos, shumai, hargow and gyoza

spinning like a cracked record and a perpetual eye roll.


Case of blues, case of you, case of true.

You open it like an unwilling lazy eye.

What you don’t know won’t kill you.


Estrangement caused by growing

and changing

interpreted as contrived and purposeful

by x-crossed fingers cemented in their permanence.

What ever happened to the wholiness of a family?

The sanctification of blood and DNA? 

My brown eyes are my citizenship.

At what point do colored contacts make me

eligible for deportation? At what point 

do we call each other alien?


Modern conceptions of the other always

imply brownness and blackness

now blueness

Elizabeth Hsieh