With love


Big Man Corporate Job


I’ve crossed my threshold of human interaction for the day.

Art imitates life, life imitates TV. Did you take the TV remote?

I can’t give you a loan because I’m not sure 

if you can deliver. Does Lemonade

deliver? Have you seen Love on Netflix? Love

is no longer poetic. Don’t worry,

Stain remover will take that out. 


Try those new essential oils.

Oil has become more poetic 

than the romanticization of death

because oil has become a synonym for death

a synonym for suffering

according to the Oxford Dictionary.


Corporations need to dress us like gremlins

and give us their candy filled with Rophynol.


Money a synonym for suffering.

lie to me about your fetish for green

lie to me about your flatulence.

Elizabeth Hsieh