With love


I'm Insane! I'm Not Insane!

My friends think that fawning over D-list celebrities in the super market 

is neither cool

nor impressive.

Nothing is really impressive or interesting.

Revolting from eating your breakfast of plain toast is neither impressive nor interesting.

nor is reporting falsely and quietly when you actually feel like breaking the world’s posture

nor is the color burnt orange even though it is reminiscent of butternut squash (and you love butternut squash don’t you?)

nor is people asking if you’re okay or people asking if you’re not

nor is volcanic rock or frankincense or premonitions of empty aspirin bottles

nor is plagiarizing Frank O’Hara’s ideas because even posthumously he probably thought doing cocaine was too banal

nor is the usual quarter life epistemological nihilism and self-ignorance to wearing a man’s neck tie as a t-shirt

nor is marrying a Iranian prince for money

nor is the epoch of one’s superficial scene-y lifestyle where you circumstantially forget someone’s name unless of course they are of a low caliber social stature then by all means

nor is throwing rocks around your bedroom and hearing the boom of the floor dents


nor is missing who you used to be in the kitchen

or in the bedroom

or on the balcony.

nor is shaking without hurricane, 

without precedent.

Elizabeth Hsieh